Improving the quality of converting products by the joint smelting of high-sulfur copper concentrate with copper-lead matte


  • A.A. Argyn Satbayev University
  • E.E. Zoldasbay Satbayev University
  • N.K. Dosmukhamedov Satbayev University



copper-lead matte, sulfide copper concentrate, converting, converter slag, white matte, sulfiding, distribution.


The paper presents the results of studies on the processing of copper-lead mattes with high-sulfur copper concentrate in a converter. The effect of high-sulfur copper concentrate on the quality of converting products is shown. Based on the obtained results, a comparative analysis of the technological indicators of the 1st period of converting copper-lead mattes according to the existing technology and in the joint processing of copper-lead mattes with copper concentrate was carried out. It has been established that when the high-sulfur copper concentrate is used as a sulfidizing agent, excess sulfur released as a result of the dissociation of higher sulfides is completely absorbed by the slag melt. It is shown that elemental sulfur, interacting with oxides of non-ferrous metals and impurities, has a significant effect on the equilibrium distribution of metals between the converting products and their extraction into targeted products. The influence of sulfur on the destruction of magnetite in the process of converting was also established. New data on the distribution of non-ferrous and associated metal impurities (As, Sb, etc.) were obtained during the conversion of copper-lead mattes with high-sulfur copper concentrate. High values were established for the extraction of non-ferrous metals and impurities into targeted products: copper into matte - up to 98%, lead, zinc, arsenic, and antimony into dust - 87%, 91%, 84%, and 38%, respectively. The possibility of a significant improvement in technical and economic indicators, the quality of converting products, and environmental protection during the joint smelting of high-sulfur copper concentrate with a copper-lead matte are shown. The developed technology for converting copper-lead mattes, with high-sulfur copper concentrate, is easily integrated into the plant structure of Kazzinc LLP without any special material costs.


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Author Biographies

A.A. Argyn, Satbayev University

PhD, Satbayev University, 050013, Almaty, 22 Satbayev st., Kazakhstan.

E.E. Zoldasbay, Satbayev University

PhD, Satbayev University, 050013, Almaty, 22 Satbayev st., Kazakhstan.

N.K. Dosmukhamedov, Satbayev University

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor, Satbayev University, 050013, Almaty, 22 Satbayev st.,  Kazakhstan.


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Argyn, A., Zoldasbay, E., & Dosmukhamedov, N. (2023). Improving the quality of converting products by the joint smelting of high-sulfur copper concentrate with copper-lead matte . Kompleksnoe Ispolzovanie Mineralnogo Syra = Complex Use of Mineral Resources, 328(1), 50–58.